"Somebody should tell Burger King and Jeep the Chinese word for crisis is “danger” and “opportunity”. A lot has been written about how to manage your social media reputation. There have been plenty of companies that created social me"

Burger King and Jeep Should Be Thanking the #TwitterHacker


Outside of the SEO world, Google Authorship sounds like books that the folks at Google might be writing. Of course, that’s not the case.

Google Authorship is a way for you, as an author of a blog or site content, to attribute your work to your account (and help with fighting content scrapers who…

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How To Speed Up Your Smartphone — For Real

I’ve got a good smartphone (an LG-P999), but run a lot of applications on it.  Even though almost all of them are on the SD Card, the thing always gets sluggish. So I tried about 10 apps in the Google Play Store to fix the problem to no avail. But then I figured out how to manually clean up the data that was making the phone slow.

So here’s my tip to get your phone running fast again: 

Go to: Manage Apps »> Dowloaded »> Sort By Size

Click on one of the apps and you’ll see this


The key is click the Clear Data button.  If you just click Clear Cache there will still be a bunch of stuff in that app to slow your phone down.

But heads-up, if you do this with Gmail you’ll lose your signature. And you have to login again when you open the app again. So before you use the Clear Data make sure you back up any data you might need.

Give it a try and LMK